BAREEQ ALAZL is a local trading, procurement and supply company with local and
world class credit and financing capabilities
We trade a broad range of commodities across the agricultural, mineral and energy
markets and have strong partnerships with the world's leading suppliers.
Along with commodity trading, we are a multi-disciplined procurement and sourcing
company, providing a complete single source purchasing solution to our clients across
the world.
We supply all kinds of machinery, equipment and materials for construction,
infrastructure, production, manufacturing, mining, transportation, healthcare,
energy, municipal, industrial and many other sectors. Our team of experienced
solutions to assist clients in meeting their specific require-
professionals design
ments, ensuring that products and goods can be purchased on credit terms best
suited to their business cycles
We serve our clients from offices located in Iraq and around the world, approaching
every relationship with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable partnerships built
on shared values of trust and consistency.
Our mission.
To provide essential value to your supply chain in order to progress and overcome the
obstacles of doing business inside and outside Iraq.